Malawi Food Security and Malaria Treatment

Malamulo Hospital has been providing healthcare to Malawi, Africa since 1902. The hospital is located 65 kilometers southeast of the city of Blantyre in Thyolo District in Malawi. The hospital serves about 129,000 people who come from two surrounding districts. These people are among the poorest in Africa living on an average income of less than $1 per day. Malamulo is a major referral hospital for Malawi and Mozambique. The Hospital has a bed capacity of 275, and also runs 16 mobile sites with 3 centers operating on daily basis for out-patient services. Giving Children Hope has sent 2 containers of food packs to Malamulo hospital because after flooding last fall crops were lost and the food has been scarce and very expensive since, especially in rural areas. On top of that an especially bad year for Malaria meant that beds were often doubled up with patients receiving care. Giving Children Hope sent 30 hospital beds to help alleviate the desperate need for beds in the hospital. In addition Giving Children Hope helped send Malaria medication for the immediate relief of those who were being treated. If the bed shortage persists and food supplies do not shore up another container of food supplies and hospital beds may be sent.


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