Literacy and trauma-informed education programs

HAI and Alehsan Foundation partner to provide education programs to Syrian refugees. Advanced English and French Courses for Women and Girls: HAI is making an addition to two advanced-level English and French language courses in HAI's Safe Spaces in Tripoli and Akkar. The advanced language classes will play a critical role in ensuring that Syrian refugees can more actively participate in the Lebanese school system, which delivers nearly 60% of its curriculum in either French or English. These four new classes will reach 80 women and girls who have concluded their basic language courses and are eager for more advanced studies. these courses will enable younger girls to more easily integrate into their schools and will provide a much-needed skill for those adult women who are seeking employment. All 80 participants will receive a learning kit at the end of the course that includes resources to independently continue with their language practice in the months following the course. A Trauma-Informed Mental Health Approach to Literacy Courses for Children and Youth: This initiative includes increasing the program capacity to serve an additional 50 out of school children. This project also involves training 15 additional service providers over the next 12 months. By integrating a trauma-informed mental health approach to the literacy and numeracy courses, HAI aims to improve retention and quality of educational programming while also addressing the psychosocial needs of children.


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