Flint, Michigan Water Relief

In fall 2015, testing uncovered very high levels of lead in the municipal water system in Flint, Michigan. Episcopal Relief & Development has been partnering with the Diocese of Eastern Michigan since October 2015 in their relief efforts. Lead poisoning can cause abdominal pain and other symptoms, and long-term exposure in children can cause developmental delays. The Diocese of Eastern Michigan is moving towards a long-term response by providing nutrient-rich foods that can help mitigate the effects of lead poisoning and cooking classes to teach residents how to best use these ingredients.


Continue, support, and expand local partnerships that provide residents with nutritious foods, including St. Andrew’s Soup Kitchen, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Christ Enrichment Center, and Crossover Downtown Outreach Ministries in order to reach approximately 630 clients per week. When appropriate, refer families most affected by lead poisoning to further services. Advocate for clean water and accountability alongside those who have been affected by high levels of lead in their water supply. Expand cooking classes offered at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church for Christ Enrichment Center and Crossover clients that focus on preparation of foods rich in iron and calcium in order to engage at least 700 local residents in classes.


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