Capacity Building and ASA Community Driven Development Project in Mozambique

In 2014, the Lebombo Diocese consecrated the Right Reverend Carlos Simão Matsinhe as its 11th Bishop. With an intention to build upon the strengths of both the Diocese and its relief and development office known as Anglican Social Action (ASA), Bishop Matsinhe with the support of Episcopal Relief & Development chose 2015 to be a year of learning and growth. Episcopal Relief & Development thus partnered with Lebombo on two key initiatives: 1) Lebombo Diocese Capacity Building in administration, finance and human resource policies and practices, and 2) ASA Community Driven Development through the application of a pilot Church and Community Mobilization Process (CCMP) known as Umoja (Together we Can). Last years’ experience proved to the ASA team that CCMP or Umoja is an appropriate tool for community engagement and participatory development. The Program showed the potential ASA has in impacting the lives of communities through facilitation, training and journeying with the groups that were part of the pilot program. CCMP drives community members into a paradigm shift as far as agency and problem solving is concerned. Communities realize their potential and mobilize themselves for the process of identification of resources and finding answers for their challenges. The church plays an important role as the starting point, a safe space where it emerges and is then taken into the communities. Last year the Program reached 4 Archdeaconries and 14 Parishes. In 2016, ASA will continue the CCMP/Umoja Program started last year. The plan is to continue with the 14 parishes and go further to envision the leadership in Inhambane Archdeaconry.


Purchase and installation of accounting software, Mentoring of diocesan staff (including ASA) in administration, finance and human resource procedures, Refresher training for diocesan staff (including ASA) in administration, finance and human resources procedures, Mentoring & monitoring of ASA's progress toward more professional Programs management, systems and organizational procedures, Review the Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) Toolkit and develop a work plan, Peer exchange learning visit to organizations applying the CCMP (Umoja) methodology, and their self-directed community groups (i.e., community-led projects),CCMP (Umoja) Training Session (Phase 2 for 2015 groups and phase 1 for new project sites) ASA staff, Diocesan Leadership (MU Representatives, Youth Reps), and archdeaconry and community facilitators, Application of CCMP methodology and tools in communities; Facilitate communities in the identification of their assets and priorities for development

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