Aanglidesh Honduras Savings, Microloan, and Microenterprise Development Program

This program is an initiative from the Diocese of Honduras. A revolving seed fund has been created to develop micro enterprises at the Deaneries. Each deanery will receive a $5,000 fund to develop a micro enterprise that proves to be self sustainable. Aanglidesh will provide technical assistance and some administrative support. Once the funds are recovered, they will be provided to a different deanery to develop another microenterprise. On the other hand, another fund has been created to provide micro loans to individuals through solidarity groups and village banking. These loans will be provided to individuals for productive activities. The micro loan program will be attached to a business training curriculum that will enhance the capacity of the participants in the program. Topics like: how to create a business plan, marketing, customer service, basic accounting, etc. will be part of the training. The Diocese of Honduras is also running a Savings with Education program aimed at training groups on how and why to save. These groups also provide microcredit opportunities to savings group members. Overall, the program aims to improve the quality of people's lives by offering them access to financial training and education. To date 61 groups have been formed and 1030 savings group members have been engaged in savings and loan activities.


Identify, evaluate, and approve the formation of solidarity groups and new loan applicants., Continued support of existing solidarity groups., Disburse microloans., Train microcredit recipients in financial and business management., Collect and document loan repayments., Coordinate and facilitate the attendance of 60 micro entrepreneurs in (1) annual Business Fair where they promote their products and program participation., Promote program to clergy and laypeople in 10 new locations., Monitor and support 6 new and 18 continuing small businesses with microloans., Form new savings groups and train savings group members to manage their financial transactions., Support and monitor continuing savings groups formed in 2014 and 2015., Conduct trainings in financial and business management for new groups., Facilitate trainings (as identified by savings group members) on health/nutrition, gender-based violence, and hygiene and sanitation., Refresher training and support meetings for Aanglidesh staff., Monthly monitoring of new savings groups and quarterly monitoring of continuing savings groups.


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