Typhoon Yolanda Recovery Program

This project involves the development and livelihood rehabilitation phase of E-CARE's work with communities affected by super-typhoon Yolanda. This phase, following the mainly food relief missions undertaken during the first months after the disaster, involves the physical rebuilding of houses and securing of land tenure, restoration of farming livelihoods and training on Natural Farming techniques, and engagement in the restoration and development of a range of economic livelihoods. Disaster-Risk Reductions workshops were held in these communities in 2014 and 2015, and the resulting committees and plans now in place in these areas. This is the final year of the rehabilitation phase, and land acquisitions, housing and livelihood support will all complete in these communities. The program is being pursued within the E-CARE’s sustainable developmental framework, making use of the Asset-Based Community Development approach as well as the “receivers to givers” policy. The program will also construct a new ECARE project building that will provide: a] offices, b] training center; and c] lodging rooms, in view of the projection for a new permanent presence of the ECARE program in the region based on the successful foundation laid during this recovery program.


Support the upscaling and marketing of tablea production., Support the upscaling and marketing of yellow ginger products production., Plan and construct building., Training on Natural Farming systems., Consultations and meetings with partners families conducted., Inter-locking compressed earth blocks (ICEB) fabricated and houses constructed., Acquire 15 ha of agricultural land., Offer loan to 30 farmers for the acquisition of the land through the receivers to givers system., Provide livelihood support to participating communities and monitor loan amounts along with repayments., Conduct ABCD processes in 4 new communities., Conduct orientations with new communities on Receivers to Givers policy.

Cross-cutting issues

Institution Strengthening, Disaster Risk Reduction


  • Philippines


  • Agriculture
  • Disaster Prevention and Preparedness
  • Economic Recovery and Development
  • Capacity Strengthening for CSOs (general)
  • Humanitarian Aid
  • Shelter and Housing

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