Brazil Integrated Strategic Provincial Plan Implementation to Respond to Gender-Based Violence

Episcopal Relief & Development continues to respond to issues of poverty and gender-based violence in Brazil through the Servicio Anglicano de Diacono e Desenvolvimento (SADD), the development arm of the Episcopal Anglican Church of Brazil. SADD is tasked with building the capacity of diocesan representatives through technical support and training to manage, monitor and evaluate social development projects across Brazil. SADD supports nine dioceses and one mission with the goal of transforming lives and affirming values that promote social change. Bishop-elected volunteers help SADD work locally to train and empower diocesan contacts engaged in projects to impact the social, emotional, and spiritual transformation of marginalized people in Brazil. Episcopal Relief & Development has chosen SADD as a primary partner to help it achieve that vision: in a recent consultation with our staff, SADD decided to initiate a three-year (2015-2017) Integrated Provincial Strategic Plan that incorporates gender rights and gender-based violence prevention into its programs. The strategic plan will align those goals with the Church’s own vision, creating unity across programs and maximizing potential to achieve a common goal of addressing violence and poverty in Brazil.


Educate community and religious leaders about SGBV (causes, effects, prevention, response, new masculinities), Financial Support of SGBV shelters - Casa Noeli ($6,000), Organize awareness campaigns locally and nationally., Advocacy - establish partnerships with national and international ministries, organizations, task forces, and coalitions to advocate for SGBV policy formation and change., Support 8 local diocesan projects that provide vocational training., Conduct 3 workshops, 1 per Area, for facilitators/replicators on Gender and Sexualities so that the training can be replicated in communities and parishes., Production of texts and Bible studies to deepen the debate on coping with violence and promotion of rights., Promote dialogue in dioceses / parishes / missions and communities about sexuality and gender so that they can determine where they can have impact.

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