Integrated Community Development Program in El Salvador

The Anglican Episcopal Diocese of El Salvador has a long-term integrated community development program that focuses on primary health, food security, community savings and disaster risk reduction (DRR). The mobile health and dental clinic program trains community health promotors on various health topics and provides affordable preventative and curative health services to marginalized communities members. The food security program aims to diversify adult and youth farmers' diet and income through trainings on improved agricultural techniques and cooperative formation. The DRR component of the Diocese's program empowers high-risk communities to assess and mobilize the resources they need to protect themselves from recurrent disasters. The micro-finance program is focused on building the capacity of savings group leaders and facilitating the formation of savings groups.


Form 7 new saving groups, Support trainings and/or meetings with 13 existent saving groups, Continue training of 8 communities about Ecology and Disasters, Continue training of 8 communities on planning and implementing DRR projects, Conduct research to identify new crops and local agricultural solutions, Introduce cocoa cultivation in to women's farming group in El Maiza, Conduct theoretical workshops on improved agricultural techniques with women's and men's groups, Conduct practical agricultural trainings with women's and men's groups, Conduct practical trainings on gardening and organic farming with youth groups, Introduce school gardens in 2 schools (Cuilapa and Salinas del Potrero), Reinforce established garden plan at school (Izalco), Build an agriculture office for women in Izalco, El Congo and El Maizal, Provide medical services to community members, Provide mental health and preventive consultation services to community members, Provide dental services to community members, Train health promoters in health education topics, Conduct community health education sessions


  • El Salvador>Santa Ana


  • Agriculture
  • Economic Recovery and Development
  • Health
  • Humanitarian Aid

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