Mobile Connections to Promote Women's Economic Development

Trickle Up is piloting a new project that will put smartphones in the hands of women living in extreme poverty in India. These women and families will also participate in Trickle Up’s economic strengthening projects in Odisha and Jharkhand in partnership with India’s National Rural Livelihood Mission (JSLPS and OLM). Like all of our participants, they will be given seed capital and training, and connect with other women in savings groups where they share advice in their peer groups and can access loans. The addition of a smartphone, however, means that women will have instant access to information about government schemes and market prices, along with training materials and other resources on demand. Through this initiative, we will reach 1,800 participants with mobile technology in the next 2.5 years and develop a replicable model that can be scaled to reach 25,000 women. This is part of a commitment with the Clinton Global Initiative to ultimately reach 100 million women with mobile technology. While Trickle Up’s program has been proven to effectively help women living in extreme poverty build sustainable livelihoods, this project gives us an opportunity to explore ways that technology can play a role in improving and scaling the delivery of our program to more women in remote areas.


Increase access to information for households living in extreme poverty to enable greater financial and social inclusion and sustainable livelihood development. Increase the responsiveness and accountability of government and other providers to the needs of families living in extreme poverty by increasing their access to real-time data about these needs and strengthening households’ ability to provide feedback about services provided.


  • India>Odisha
  • India>Jharkhand


  • Agriculture
  • Communications/Technology
  • Economic Recovery and Development
  • Social Services
  • Gender
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