Clean Water Wells and Sanitation

Since 2004, World Hope International has worked to drill clean water wells and provide necessary sanitation in some the world's most impoverished communities. Hundreds of thousands in Mozambique, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Cambodia are living healthier, more productive lives because of clean water. WHI responds to the water crisis in three ways: Drilling wells: Clean water wells not only improve one's quality of life, they prolong it. WHI operates well-drilling rigs in Sierra Leone and Liberia, which are run by crews made up of local engineers. The teams drill wells in communities, schools, hospitals and other public institutions that lack a clean water source, and then train local leaders to maintain the wells and keep clean water flowing long after drilling is done. One well brings clean water to approximately 550 people. Building latrines: Most people don't realize how important a toilet is -- yet clean toilets play a huge role in preventing the spread of bacteria and disease. In many of the same communities, schools and hospitals where wells are drilled, WHI builds latrines. Local materials are used to build the facilities, and community leaders are trained to maintain them. Educating communities: Clean water changes lives, but to maximize its impact, it must be accompanied by sanitation and hygiene education. WHI teaches children and families how to keep themselves and their communities healthy and clean through hand-washing, regular bathing, oral hygiene, safe food preparation, trash pick-up and more.


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