CWS Chaco Program

Multi-country, multi-partner, inter-ethnic, "umbrella" initiative created by CWS in 2005 to support local -mostly rural- efforts in the following areas: a) indigenous women empowerment and gender-based violence, b) land tenure and effective use and management of land and natural resources, food security and water and c) indigenous-led advocacy. The program contributes to the institutional strengthening of local ecumenical NGOs accompanying rural populations and -since 2012- provides seed funding to small urban-centered initiatives in key areas.


Community, regional and cross-border training and formation, provision of technical asisstance (rain harvesting, advocacy, women empowerment, agriculture and farming, know-your-rights), advocacy.


  • Argentina
  • Bolivia
  • Paraguay


  • Human Rights Democracy and Governance
  • Protection
  • Gender
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