Egypt Feed the Future Food Security and Agribusiness Program

Goal: The FTF FAS program’s goal is to increase agriculture-related incomes of smallholder farmers in Upper Egypt by implementing a market-driven approach that facilitates sustainable, pro-poor value chain development and helps smallholders increase access to domestic and export markets. The FTF FAS program will be supported by guiding principles and cross-cutting themes: Systems strengthening for input suppliers; Agriculture processors and support services; A focus on end markets and demand; An understanding of the role of value chain governance; A market systems perspective; Recognition of the importance of inter-firm relationships and stakeholder participation; Policy and enabling environment; Gender inclusivity; and Leveraging proven ICT capabilities to bring interventions to scale.


Objectives: 1) Improved on-farm productivity and income for smallholder farmers: Association and cooperative strengthening; Water user association strengthening; On-farm training to improve volumes and quality; Promotion of innovative tools and technology; ICT solutions for extension and irrigation; Strengthening of input suppliers (agro-dealers); and Preparation for successful post-harvest handling; 2) More Efficient Post-harvest Processes: Vertical integration of farmer groups; Post-harvest facility operator capacity building; Agro-processing enterprise development; and ICT solutions for post-harvest processes; 3) Improved Marketing of Agriculture Crops and Products: Forward contracting between suppliers and buyers; Trade show attendance; ICT solutions for marketing; Buyer visits; and Expanding GlobalGAP and Fair Trade certification of farmer groups; and 4) Improved Nutritional Status (especially for women and children): Targeted ICT nutrition messaging; Community-based health worker training; and Nutrition messaging targeted to women in the agro-processing workforce.


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