Millennium Challenge Account

Titukuke ndi Chilengedwe ndi Magetsi is US government-funded project through Millenium Challenge Account and is being implemented in Traditional Authority (T/A) Symon in Neno district. It is a three year project running from June 2015 – 31st July 2018. The project is being implemented in seven sections of Agriculture Extension Planning Area of Lisungwi. The overarching goal of this project is to contribute to reducing costly power disruptions and ensure sustainability and increased efficiency of Malawi’s hydropower generation. Specifically the project seeks to develop a positive mindset among communities towards management of natural resources and the environment in the upper and middle Shire River basin areas, and to contribute to wider learning throughout Malawi; improve livelihoods of the targeted communities through promotion of environmentally-friendly agriculture and income-generating activities; and to promote community engagement so as to improve joint decision making, women’s and men’s empowerment and sustainable management of natural resources through proven participatory methodologies. Within its first year, the project has established structures on the ground and also ensured project activities are being implemented. A total of 60 lead farmers have been trained and are demonstrating new farming technologies in conservation agriculture to 600 farmers. Additionally, 35 Village Savings & Loans (VSL) Trainer of Trainers (ToTs) have been trained and formed 66 VSL clubs with 1260 members, of which over 80% are women. The project is also promoting men and women’s participation in the management of natural resources. A total of 410 female volunteers have been trained. The trained volunteers will establish at least 80 dialogue groups, which will provide platforms for discussion of gender and social issues that affect natural resource management activities. A total of 10 Village Natural Resource Management Committees (VNRMCs) have been established and trained. During the season, the VNRMCs facilitated establishment of tree nurseries in their respective villages and a total of 9,000 seedlings were raised and planted. The project also bought 8,000 more seedlings for distribution to the communities. These seedlings have been planted along river banks, communal woodlots and around homesteads.

Cross-cutting issues

Environment, Gender and economic empowerment


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