Ethiopia: Strengthening Eye Care and Ophthalmology Training Program

The Himalayan Cataract Project works to eliminate avoidable and preventable blindness while working with local partners to develop a sustainable eye care system. HCP has worked with local partners in Ethiopia since 2008 with a focus on expanding access to care through high volume cataract campaigns; providing training opportunities to ophthalmic personnel; and infrastructure development in the form of equipment and consumables. HCP currently works with 14 partners across Ethiopia and the Ministry of Health to expand access to quality eye care as well as strengthen ophthalmic capacity.

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In 2017, HCP directly supported 16,575 surgeries in outreach settings, including 16,153 cataract surgeries, through 31 campaigns; this is a 42% increase over the 11,372 cataract surgeries performed over 30 campaigns in 2015. We provided educational and training opportunities to 132 ophthalmic personnel from Ethiopia, from in-country workshops to international training programs. HCP affiliated ophthalmologists also donated over 20 workweeks of ongoing mentorship and support to Ethiopian ophthalmologists and residents focusing on Oculoplastics, Glaucoma, Cornea, and Cataract Surgery. Finally, we provided over $1M worth of equipment, consumables and supplies for partner institutions in Ethiopia last year. Our outputs in Ethiopia are expected to go up in 2018 as we increase our in-country partnerships and continue to build capacity at our partnering institutions throughout the country.

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