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Solar Cookers International is partnering with local organization Macedonia Ministry to provide 90 women with solar box cookers and training. Macedonia Ministry was recommended by project expert Jack Anderson who has worked with Macedonia Ministry on solar cooking projects previously. The women will meet once a month to discuss solar cooking and track their fuel savings using the recently created Solar Cooking Adoption and Impact Survey. The women also received heat retaining baskets. Rose Shangarai, one of the leaders in Rau village where the project is taking place, learned about solar cooking from Solar Cookers International's Order of Excellence Recipient Darwin Curtis. The first phase involved 30 women and the second phase is planned to involve 60 women.

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Sperancea Gabone, the Macedonia Ministry leader of this project, will exchange ideas on developing a solar cooker business with another solar cooking partner in Uganda. Sperancea Gabone and Caitlyn Hughes (SCI Program Manager) presented results from this project at the 6th Solar Cookers International World Conference 2017 in India.

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