Integrated Malaria and Community Development Project in Angola

This is a pilot project integrating existing activities of savings with education and malaria control The NfL/ Health activist are going to form savings groups in their communities and when the group is formed, a volunteer would be identified to be trained as a “Savings activist”. The Savings Activist cannot be the same person as the Health activist. The Uige savings program would provide training & exchange visits for the newly identified savings activist in Songo. The 4 health agents (existing) would also participate in the training of the activist. The health agents would thereafter provide support/monitoring to the new savings groups being led by the savings activist alongside the traditional health/malaria monitoring activities they are used to doing. The existing Municipal Supervisor (Health) would also collect the savings data/reports from the health agents and pass it on to provincial savings supervisor without changing reports. A savings technical assistant would exist in the form of Mama Madalena, and she would review the reports before the submission to the provincial supervisor. In the case problems/weakness in the savings groups are reported, then the technical assistant would interact with the supervisor and agents to help solve the problems. Three existing health zones shall pilot this project: Kifuata (Lucas Monteiro António as health agent) Mayengo (Cecilia Alves as health agent) Quipumba Loe (Lando Daniel as health agent) Involving three health agents: 2 men, 1 women: The activities outlined above shall be carried out in addition to the planned health activities. In the area of health, we shall expand reinforce our overall vision of reducing illness and death in children. Having expanded household education on malaria to include pneumonia, diarrhea and malnutrition in the last year, we shall improve the skills of our health agents in behavior change communication with respect to the health conditions mentioned above and also train traditional birth attendants.


Training of 15 health agents and 12 health activists in behavior change communication skills, Training of 3 health agents and 12 savings activists in methodology of savings, Training in savings reporting for 3 health agents, Training of 30 traditional birth attendants from 3 laboral regions of Kifuata, Quipuma Lowe and Mayengo


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