Sweet Success II. Fortaleciendo la apicultura regional en el sur de Veracruz, Yucatán Y Oaxaca

This project will allow for increased income for small-scale beekeeping families. The project will give training to help improve the production, processing, and marketing of honey and its by-products. The project will heavily focus on the honey value chain and will develop inclusive business models through the Link methodology which guarantees improved commercial relationships that are fair and lasting and that ultimately bring increased income to the families. The overall goals of this projects include: increased honey production and honey quality (which lead to increased income from the sale of honey and its by-products), that families have all the equipment required to process honey and its by-products, active participation of women and youth in the production and processing of honey, creation of inclusive business models for the sale of honey (in bulk for export, and separated for individual consumers), families acquire entrepreneurial skills and successfully link to markets, women and youth are involved in decision-making, and that producer organizations share their expertise, resources, and create relationships with new families in the region which will ensure project continuity. These goals will be achieved through the following activities: training community promoters through Farmer Field Schools, training in Link methodology, training in economic empowerment and leadership for women, training in and the establishment of savings and loans groups and microcredit groups, regular business meetings with key clients, experience exchanges between beekeepers, Heifer Cornerstone training, participatory market research to understand the needs and preferences of costumers, analysis of production costs of key business activities, training in marketing, and promotional events like local fairs, etc. Additionally, training on the use of honey by-products, training in quality control and on honey packaging, labeling, and storage. Distribution of equipment for honey collection and processing, training on bee health and pest/disease management, and specialized training on the multiplication of beehive nuclei and queen bees. Technical coordinators that specialize in beekeeping will be continuously present in the region to assist families and promoters.


  • Mexico>Oaxaca
  • Mexico>Veracruz-Llave
  • Mexico>Yucatan


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