Most Vulnerable Children (MVCs) Access and Complete Primary Education

The objective of this programme is to ensure that children have access to and express their right to free and compulsary basic education. The project works to ensure that the communities value education and the safety of all children, county education structures deliver quality primary education, there is improved governance and management of the 312 schools participating in the project, and better tools are created to implement free and compulsary primary education. Using the MoE’s children friend schools framework as a core guiding document, Concern’s four main result areas will have specific focus on: • Improving community commitment to education and child protection will focus on community conversations, peer led life skills education, increasing school capacity for child protection, and improving access to social services. • Education system strengthening will entail a focus on improving curriculum delivery with early grade reading interventions, embedding a time on task environment, and emphasising the centrality of quality assurance. • Improving school governance and management will be done mainly through building the capacity of boards of management to monitor curriculum delivery, assess and improve the teaching and learning environment, and overseeing the infrastructure. Emphasis will be placed on the special needs of girls. • Advocacy will continue on the equitable public investment in provision of education of marginalised communities. It will also engage around community based social accountability.

Cross-cutting issues

Gender, Human Rights, Empowerment


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