Arkansas Sustainable Livestock Cooperative

As part of its strategy to implement a market-driven development model that builds wealth in traditionally impoverished rural areas of Arkansas though systemic interventions in the regional food value chain, Heifer USA has helped to develop and is now partnering with the Arkansas Sustainable Livestock Cooperative (ASLC), a farmer-owned business that produces, processes, and sells pasture-raised livestock. Interventions in the value chain are designed to leverage systemic investments and solutions to scale the impact of Heifer’s work. These impacts include: • Increasing the number of farmers raising pastured meat and providing them with needed technical assistance • Creating new markets for pasture-raised meats and connecting rural producers to them, including a multi-city direct to consumer subscription “meat share” program • Increasing the number of small and mid-sized processing facilities in Arkansas • Creating a revolving loan fund for sustainable livestock producers to help them increase efficiencies by adding productive assets to their farms • Creating an intentionally inclusive business model that promotes cooperation and shared risk These impacts contribute to the larger goal of increasing the financial viability of individual farmers and ranchers in Arkansas.


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