Nueva Esperanza Development Program

This Development Program aims to improve the well-being of children, especially the most vulnerable, using an approach that is long term (15-20 years), holistic, focused on children, and seeks to enable their families, local communities and partners to address the underlying causes of poverty. These root causes are not just lack of access to the basic necessities of life like water, food or health care, but also include inequities like gender or ethnic discrimination, or abusive practices like exploitation or domestic violence that affect a child’s well-being.


To improve children's well-being, we trained 36 healthcare staff members to teach parents about diarrhea, acute respiratory infection, dengue, breastfeeding, supplementary feeding, and basic sanitation. 109 children and youth attended after-school classes in music, traditional dance, and handicrafts in order to strengthen their self-esteem and build relationships with their peers. We provided tutors for 120 third to fifth grade students to improve their academic skills and successfully complete the school year. 219 parents and caregivers were taught about the importance of enrolling their children under the age of 5 in preschool education programs. We prepared emergency response teams to help families correctly identify early warning signs for probable disasters. 519 boys and 312 girls developed their physical and social skills through organized sports hosted by World Vision. Games and sports festivals offered kids ways to use their free time and taught them about teamwork. 563 children and youth attended activities and trainings where they learned about recognizing their rights, strengthening their citizenship, and promoting a culture of peace and non-violence. Disabled youth were taught about their right to attend school or an alternate program to help them develop their vocational skills.

Cross-cutting issues



  • Colombia>Cordoba


  • Economic Recovery and Development
  • Education
  • Health
  • Protection

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