APHIAplus Western Kenya (Zone 1) aims to address social determinants of health to improve the well-being of targeted communities and populations. The project also focuses on reducing social and economic barriers that prevent communities from accessing health care services and living healthy lives. The project is designed to work with existing structures to build capacity at the provincial, district, facility, and community levels to achieve fully integrated service delivery in Nyanza and Western provinces. The project team maximizes Kenyan ownership of the project and aligns its aims with the strategies of the US government and the Government of Kenya (GOK).


FY14 Household Economic Strengthening activities: Monitored 150 VSLAs and 3,350 households with 16,771 OVC. These households steadily increased their savings to Ksh.5,999, 387 via small loans 2. Food Security and Nutrition: So far, 14,831 OVC caregivers have integrated home gardens contributing to the nutrition benefits of 71,031 OVC 3. Education, Literacy and Life Skills 2,057 children have been rehabilitated through PD Hearth programming 3. Education Supported Ministry of Education officials to follow up a total 601 trained SMCs to assess access, provide technical advice and evaluate enrollment and retention rates of pupils in all classes. 4. Water, Sanitation and Hygiene: Protected 6 community water sources during the quarter bringing the total number protected since year 1 to 32 benefitting 15,200 households with improved access to clean water. 5. Social Protection: Assisted2,272 OVC in acquiring birth certificates, supported 741 Households in NHIF enrollment, supported 75 households with shelter renovation and trained 1,120 caregivers on parenting skills. 6. Social Mobilization: Capacity building outcomes were monitored in the 68 CSOs. Most of these CSOs have strategic links with key GoK line ministries and USG agencies and strong referral systems, these has helped them to look for alternative resources and to diversify their funding sources.


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