Mindanao Productivity for Agricultural Commerce and Trade (MinPACT)

ACDI/VOCA implements the four-year USDA Food for Progress Mindanao Productivity for Agricultural Commerce and Trade (MinPACT) project. MinPACT increases the incomes of smallholder cocoa, coconut, and coffee farming families in Southern and Western Mindanao. ACDI/VOCA and its partners do this by strengthening farmers’ capacity and that of other value chain actors for improved farm management, increased productivity, product quality, available services, and access to markets. The Philippines has made progress in reducing extreme poverty for many of its citizens; however, in Mindanao, poverty rates remain high, ranging from 25–36 percent. Despite Mindanao’s fertile land and rich natural resources, food insecurity is estimated to be over 30 percent, the highest in the country. Increasing farmers’ incomes is an important step to reduce food insecurity and poverty and sustain peace in Mindanao.


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