Bangladesh: Improving Fire and Building Safety for Garment Workers

Solidarity Center promotes worker rights and international labor standards—including health and safety standards—in Bangladesh’s ready-made garment (RMG) sector. By empowering workers and providing them with critical information on safety, worker rights, labor laws and collective bargaining, this project supports garment workers as they try to improve factory safety. The Solidarity Center has been engaged with more than 180,000 garment workers around the world over the last five years, supporting their efforts to exercise their rights and gain dignity at work. Learn more about Solidarity Center's factory safety training program

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Solidarity Center builds capacity of workers and worker organizations to engage in effective dialogue with the government of Bangladesh and employers on fire and general building safety plans, including the current National Tripartite Plan of Action on Fire Safety for the Ready-Made Garment Sector in Bangladesh (NAP) and related initiatives. The Solidarity Center also strengthens workers’ knowledge of fire safety and general building hazards and practices, fire-safety inspections and means to report and propose remediation to government authorities and/or factory managers. The Solidarity Center also builds workers’ capacity to collectively and individually represent themselves on fire and general building safety matters to ensure that their rights are effectively protected.


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