Romania: Protecting Children and Supporting the Organization COPII

Judet district of Satu Mare Despite joining the European Union and the structural reforms of the 1990s, Romania does not seem to be able to overcome its political instability and economic difficulties. The situation hinders the State’s work in matters of child protection. Doctors of the World’s PACA delegation supports the work of the COPII organization and civil society in the fight against the abuse and abandonment of children. ACTIVITIES After the closure of the program in 2010, MdM carried on with its professional exchanges in 2012 to support the Romanian organization COPII, building together their goals of helping people living in situations of great vulnerability. MdM carried out an analysis of the four municipalities situated close to the town of Satu Mare and held a working seminar on the direction of the project. At the same time, MdM linked up COPII with the rainbow network, made up of MdM’s ‘sister’ organizations in Poland, Bosnia, Russia and Bulgaria. OUTLOOK A two year project (2013-14) has been put forward to MdM, looking at aiding COPII in promoting better access to healthcare and rights for vulnerable people (including women and children through a maternity network) living in the four municipalities of the Judet (‘district’) of Satu Mare. Funding is currently being sought.


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