IGUALDAD: Initiative to Guard Against Labor Discrimination

This project has the goal of protecting workers in Mexico from sexual harassment and discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender, and pregnancy status. The purpose of this project is to pilot a comprehensive strategy to increase compliance with labor discrimination laws, focusing on gender discrimination, discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, sexual harassment, and forced pregnancy testing.


The project will work towards: 1) STPS labor inspectors have improved tools and skills to help them better identify and remedy violations related to unlawful labor discrimination practice; 2) STPS’s capacity is expanded to increase the scale of inspections; 3) All relevant STPS departments demonstrate increased awareness of gender inequality and mobilize against gender discrimination; 4) STPS takes ownership of best practices with respect to combatting discrimination in accordance with the 2012 laws in its social compliance programs ; 5) Companies are better supported and rewarded in their efforts to comply with the 2012 laws; 6) Professional networks take the lead in promoting gender sensitive social compliance; 7) Recurrent large scale interactive dialogue with workers informs STPS work and communication strategy; 8) Workers rights organizations and networks dedicate a significant part of their agenda to the defense of worker's rights under 2012 law as related to gender discrimination etc.

Cross-cutting issues

gender, sexual orientation


  • Mexico


  • Protection