Limited Excess Property Program (LEPP) / Nicaragua

Nicaragua has highly unequal income distribution and development levels. The program will garner the support of the Limited Excess Property Program (LEPP) to acquire US government excess property for use in development, relief, and rehabilitation programs and projects in Nicaragua. Excess inventory that project LEPP seeks are medical supplies & equipment, construction equipment, and disaster relief aid: blankets, first aid kits, portable radios, wash kits, and tents.


Our project activities in Nicaragua are asisted by our partners: American Nicaraguan Foundation (ANF), Cross International (CI), and FABRETTO. These In-Country partners work in the most rural areas of the country. ANF provides aid to its local churches, community centers, and hospitals. The estimated impact nears 1 million beneficiaries below the poverty line in Nicaragua. CI provides in distributing material aid such as food, shelter, medical care, education, economic opportunities and other items that may be needed. CI’s approach shows respect for the dignity of the poor and promotes more effective solutions to the causes of poverty. FABRETTO’s mission is targeting children in poverty and empowering them to reach their full potential and improving their lives with proper education and nutrition. FABRETTO aims to achieve this goal through its 5 strategic program area (1) Early and primary education (2) Rural secondary education (3)Vocational and life skills education (4) Food security and nutrition (5) Community well-being and development


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