Mother Teresa Care Center

A partnership with the Mother Teresa Care Center at the Yiekatitll Hospital and the Cure Clinic in Addis Ababa provides quality surgical and medical care, in and outside Ethiopia, for orphans and the destitute. Projects include partnering with institutions in Ghana, India, and other countries to provide spinal and heart surgeries, as well as pre-­‐operative diagnostic assessment for cancer sufferers and treatment of patients with lymphoma (Hodgkin’s Disease) and leukemia. Patients helped include more than 50 youngsters who were sent to Ghana for spinal surgery, and another 14 sent to India for heart surgery.

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JDC-­‐supported humanitarian programs have significantly improved the health and living conditions of thousands of vulnerable people, and the organization remains committed to retaining a strong humanitarian presence in the country over the long term. These development projects focus on improving health, education, and economic well-­‐being, utilizing the experience and expertise of JDC staff in the country. In 2013, additional funding from the Mary L. and William J. Osher Foundation, the Rita Levi Montalcini Foundation, the Gelfand Family Charitable Fund, Growing Hearts of Africa, UIA Vancouver, the Boeing Foundation, the Leichtag Foundation, the Farash Foundation, and other foundations and private donors allowed JDC to further expand its non-­‐sectarian initiatives in Ethiopia.


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