Aid to Sierra Leone and W. Africa in the Wake of Ebola

Tzu Chi (TC), linked together by UN Under-Secretary-General Dr. Kandeh Yumkella with the Healey Foundation and Caritas, have, with the help and coordination of the 2 stated organizations, distributed the following materials to various communities in Sierra Leone in 2015: 1,512 multi-functional portable beds. 3,530 eco-blankets. 711,000 face masks. 342,000 Latex Examination Gloves. 700 Stethoscopes. 29,390 KG of rice. 7,140 Brown Rice Protein Powder. 1,152 women clothes. 3,000 bowls and spoons. 37,494 Pairs of Shoes. 119,121 Worn Clothing. In 2017, Tzu Chi will begin to implement a farmer's empowerment and an agricultural education program, as well as vocational training for adults.


Food and Non-Food Items Distribution Education

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Project will be expanded to other areas of Sierra Leone and W. Africa in the future.


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