Economic Development through Centre for International Studies and Cooperation

CECI has been working in Haiti for over 40 years and has developed a solid reputation for managing projects. This recognized know-how is anchored in deep understanding of working in poor urban neighborhoods in Haiti and it is based on strong relationships with the government, private sector, and civil society partners. CECI has been working in Carrefour- Feuilles for 2 years and has first-hand knowledge of challenges and economic opportunities for its residents. One thousand (1,000) women and men, primarily youth, and their families will benefit from the Project. The main impacts of the Project are as follows: 840 women and men (540 W and 300 M) will be trained and prepared to enter the workforce and obtain employment (75 % will be under 35 years of age); 140 young women and men ( 90 W and 50 M) will have set up or expanded a micro-enterprise or will be self-employed ( 75 % will be under 35 years of age); 10 citizen clubs will be established and will meet regularly to dialogue, resolve conflict in the community and contribute to a more peaceful environment; Carrefour-Feuilles’ image outside the community will be upgraded and enhanced; Targeted neighborhoods will be safer as a result of public lighting; Community will have recreational spaces to offer activities for young men and women; 600 young men will work through perceptions around masculinity and in particular power and violence and 600 young women will be aware of services offered to victims of violence; 40 community leaders will be trained in conflict transformation and negotiation; Social cohesion strengthened by ensuring that the project is focused on responding to community identified needs and encouraging community ownership over the results.


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