Social Safety Nets II

The two- year project builds on the first phase, implemented from 2010-2012 by Adeso and Save the Children, with the overall aim to reduce community vulnerability to chronic food insecurity in three regions of Somaliland/Somalia identified as being highly vulnerable to food insecurity. The project is targeting 650 households, including labor-poor households and other poor and vulnerable groups within the community.


To help households meet their basic needs and diversify their livelihoods base, Adeso is providing monthly unconditional cash grants, seasonal work opportunities through Cash for Work interventions, as well as training livelihood support grants. Households that currently earn some income but not enough to meet basic needs throughout the year will be provided with seasonally available support to enable them to top up their existing income during lean periods, and prevent households employing distress coping strategies. Additionally, the project is working together with the larger communities to increase their awareness of disaster risk reduction strategies. Another component of the project is to enhance the effectiveness of humanitarian organizations in Somalia to plan and implement cash-based interventions. This will be achieved through training workshops and coordination activities.


  • Somalia>Galguduud
  • Somalia>Lower Jubba
  • Somalia>Sanaag
  • Somalia>Sool


  • Disaster Prevention and Preparedness
  • Humanitarian Aid
  • Social Services
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