Yenne Fishing Villages

Throughout Africa, The Hunger Project’s mobilizes the population for community-led development thatemanates to the surrounding areas. Through this fully integrated development strategy, community members establish and manage their own programs to address food security, nutrition, health, education, microfinance, water and sanitation.The Yenne fishing villages program is currently in Phase 1, during which communities are mobilized to participate in Vision, Commitment and Action Workshops to develop their own vision of a different future, and local volunteers, called “animators,” create action plans for moving forward. For the Yenne project The Hunger Project will work towards improved rural development through sustainable improvement in access to nutrition of the Yenne fishing villages in Senegal.

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The Hunger Project promotes a holistic approach to food security, and many of its activities contribute to increased access to sufficient food but also improved diets, greater nutritional variety and stronger ties to local resources. Most importantly, THP trains animators, who, with support from existing local and government institutions.

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Additionally, THP works to support and empower fishermen communities to improve their livelihood and develop strong leadership and capacity, by providing knowledge and dedicated skills training to the fishing communities, and in particular, to women and girls.

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Economic Recovery & Development, Education, Environment, Gender, Health, HIV/AIDS Nutrition, Water Sanitation & Hygiene


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