Association Intercooperation Madagascar (AIM)

Established in September 2004, AIM was initially a Malagasy non-profit association governed by Order 60-133 of October 30, 1960. It was then called "Association Intercooperation Madagascar". Due to the great diversity of its fields of action and its resources and resources, it operated according to the internationally recognized management rules applicable to NGOs. After 10 years of existence, AIM fully manages its growth phase. Given the context in which it operates, the members of the General Assembly decided to vote to change the association into a non-governmental organization. Thus in February 2016, AIM becomes a Malagasy NGO governed by Law 96.030 of 14 August 1997. Its name then becomes ACTION INTERCOOPERATION MADAGASCAR . AIM continues to ensure the direct implementation of development projects and programs in Madagascar, and can also act as a fund manager.

Acronym: AIM



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