J Watumull Global Hospital & Research Centre

1991, Sirohi, a district in southwest Rajasthan, had four hospitals with 457 beds for a population of 0.7 million. Mt Abu, a verdant hill town Sirohi is best known for, had just a couple of doctor's in the name of health services. No hospital, no laboratory, no x-ray facility. People taking sick would have to be rushed to the foothills, or as would happen more often, to the nearest city about 200km away. A socio-spiritual leader, Brahma Kumar Nirwair, an oncologist, Dr Ashok Mehta, and two brothers with philanthropic interests, Gulab and Khubchand Watumull sought to cover the huge gap in health services in Sirohi by establishing a multi-disciplinary hospital in Mt Abu. A hospital in green, hilly, sunny Mt Abu, they thought, would be an ideal place for the sick to convalesce. It would also help meet the emergency health needs of the millions of people visiting the hill town. J Watumull Global Hospital & Research Centre (hence Global Hospital, in short) was commissioned in October 1991.

Website http://www.ghrc-abu.com/home
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Delwara Road, Mount Abu, Rajasthan 307501, India



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