World Concern

World Concern is a U.S.-based, Christian humanitarian relief and development organization working in Africa, Asia and the Americas. Established in 1955, World Concern works to alleviate suffering among the poor in developing countries and to address the root causes in each context. World Concern’s primary strategy is community-based, integrated development. World Concern works in multiple sectors to build the capacity of village-based groups, nongovernmental partners and other counterparts to lead and sustain their development. World Concern is committed to best practices of inclusive, participatory and accountable relief and development and maintains rigorous standards of both financial and program monitoring. Program assistance is provided on the basis of need alone, without regard to race, creed or religion. Worldwide, World Concern offers life, opportunity and hope to more than 6 million people annually.

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  • New Emergency Humanitarian Assistance for Flood Victims

    A project from 8 different sectors in Bangladesh

    This project in Bangladesh supports and assists poor and marginalized people to overcome the effects of flooding that have caused damage and loss and helps them to recover their normal life while supporting the... Learn more

    Last updated September 29, 2020

  • Transitional Shelter Program in Bangladesh

    A project from 5 different sectors in Bangladesh

    World Concern will partner for this project that is providing assistance with transitional shelters for vulnerable individuals/households in the target areas. Non-food item/emergency shelter kit distribution... Learn more

    Last updated September 29, 2020

  • Emergency Response for COVID-19 in Cox’s Bazar

    A project from 3 different sectors in Bangladesh

    The project will support displaced people in the Rohingya camps, and the affected host community, in light of the COVID-19 situation. Support through providing awareness sessions, hygiene kits which will include... Learn more

    Last updated September 22, 2020

  • One Village Transformed (OVT) Nkopon

    A project from 4 different sectors in Kenya

    This OVT project aims to build the capacity of the community and bring about lasting transformational development. The project will create sustainable and resilient holistic development in the target community.... Learn more

    Last updated September 16, 2020

  • Northern Shan Child Nutrition Prevention

    A project from 2 different sectors in Myanmar

    Within communities, pregnant women and children under 5 are among the most vulnerable as they need additional nutrients for their (child s) growth and development. Maintaining good nutrition protects people... Learn more

    Last updated August 19, 2020

  • Livelihood Support in Jur River

    A project from 2 different sectors in South Sudan

    The purpose of this project is to provide services that will contribute to protecting vulnerable populations affected by the crises of hunger, malnutrition and destitution. These services will produce, achieve... Learn more

    Last updated August 18, 2020

  • One Village Transformed (OVT) Mani

    A project from 6 different sectors in Chad

    Chad is facing high levels of food insecurity, malnutrition and critical gaps in the provision of basic social services such as education, health, water and social protection. Chad is among the most vulnerable... Learn more

    Last updated August 11, 2020