Adventist Development and Relief Agency International (ADRA International)

The Adventist Development and Relief Agency International (ADRA) is the worldwide humanitarian agency of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Initiated for the specific purposes of individual and community development and disaster relief. ADRA International fulfills this primary directive of its charter without regard to race, gender, and political or religious affiliation. ADRA has a presence in more than 120 countries. The list of countries where we work reflects ADRA’s presence as either an implementer of development projects or an office dedicated to obtaining funding for the implementation of projects. ADRA International operates in six main areas of activities: Providing Food and Water, Establishing Livelihoods, Promoting Health, Responding to Emergencies, Supporting Families, and Protecting the Vulnerable.

Acronym: ADRA INTL

Annual Budget $46,970,993
Fiscal Year (end date) December 31, 2015
Primary Address

12501 Old Columbia Pike

Silver Spring, MD 20904



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  • Cyclone Berguitta Response

    A project from 2 different sectors in Mauritius

    The severe tropical storm Berguitta affected Mauritius from 16 to 18 January, strengthening to category 3 on the 17th. The centre of the storm passed at about 10 km off the South-Eastern coast of Mauritius by 18... Learn more

    Last updated February 5, 2018

  • Rohingya Refugee Crisis

    A project from 2 different sectors in Bangladesh

    We are responding to the Rohingya refugee crisis in Bangladesh where there are currently over 688,000 new arrivals from Myanmar since August 25, 2017 On August 25 2017 there was renewed violence leading to roughly... Learn more

    Last updated January 31, 2018

  • Ukraine Crisis

    A project from 4 different sectors in Ukraine

    Repair and relief services for people affected by the crisis in Eastern Ukraine... Learn more

    Last updated January 23, 2018

  • Cholera Response

    Water sanitation and hygiene project in Zambia

    Zambia is facing cholera outbreak. Cases of the outbreak were reported in October but the situation has escalated in the month of December 2017 and January, 2018. Through the Ministry of Health, a Statutory Instrument... Learn more

    Last updated January 23, 2018

  • Refugee Influx

    A project from 2 different sectors in Bulgaria

    Since 2013 waves of refugees have crossed the Bulgarian border seeking support and assistance, reaching up to 12 000 people at a time. According to the State Agency for Refugees (SAR), only for the first months... Learn more

    Last updated January 23, 2018

  • Refugees Education Access Project (REAP)

    A project from 2 different sectors in Uganda

    This project aims to increase secondary school education opportunities for Congolese refugees and host community in Rwamwanja Refugee Settlement, This will be achieved through the construction of boarding... Learn more

    Last updated October 19, 2017