Humane Society International

Humane Society International, (HSI) works around the world to extend a philosophy of humane street animal population control, providing guidance to governments and local organizations, and creating programs that focus on spay and neuter, vaccination, humane education and capacity building. The aim is to reduce street animal populations and improve human-animal interactions and to reduce dog bites and the spread of zoonotic diseases, such as rabies. In addition to offering veterinary care, HSI trains local veterinarians and veterinary students, and educates communities on responsible pet guardianship and care of farm animals and working equines. We employ the "One Health" model to connect human and animal health and welfare. HSI’s farm animal welfare campaigns in developing and emerging economies help support small farmers, promote food security, and encourage more humane, sustainable, and equitable agricultural systems. HSI is also on the forefront of international disaster preparedness, response, and recovery on behalf of companion animals as well as farm animals and working equines. HSI collaborates with partners worldwide to introduce solutions that will protect both animals and people.

Acronym: HSI

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1255 23rd Street, NW, Suite 450

Washington, DC 20037



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