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AmericasRelief Team (ART) operates as an initiative of Outreach Aid to the Americas, Inc. (OAA). Its mission is to provide humanitarian logistics assistance and educational programs for disaster victims in the Americas and develop sustainable programs that establish long-term benefits for those in need. ART focuses on the following three programmatic areas: a) Disaster Preparedness, by conducting disaster prevention programs in urban centers, and ports in Latin America; b) Disaster Response and Aid, by collaborating with partners to stage and deliver humanitarian aid after a crisis occurs; and c) Humanitarian Assistance to alleviate human suffering in the Americas. To proactively prepare communities to address future critical events, ART provides planning and strategy development and training along with the tools and resources needed to increase local preparedness and self-sufficiency. When disasters strike, ART provides humanitarian logistics assistance to benefit disaster victims and reduce the suffering of the most vulnerable people by coordinating effective and efficient humanitarian relief. ARTs vision is to be an organization of excellence in serving the vulnerable people of the Americas. Additionally, their mission is to provide humanitarian logistics assistance and educational programs, which will benefit disaster victims in our region, and develop sustainable programs which will have a greater impact and longer term benefits for those in need. ART believes in our responsibility to use resources and work with local partners to strengthen the humanitarian assistance architecture-from prevention to restoration and reconstruction, and help vulnerable populations rebuild their lives, alleviate suffering, reduce the social and economic impact and return to self-sufficiency.

Acronym: ART

Fiscal Year (end date) December 31, 2017
Primary Address

P.O. Box 546135

Miami, Florida 33154



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